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  1. JoJokazahn Reply
    An analog/digital audio smackdown. Every sound you hear in real life is analog, but digital recording converts the original sound into a sequence of numbers.
  2. Mauk Reply
    Jan 27,  · And of course my large CD collection. It was the end of an era when the buyer picked up the SOTA rig this week, which has left me with a lot of fond memories of the decades I spent with the very fine analogue set up. I sure don't mean to fan the fire of digital vs. analogue as the audio tent is a big one and we all can pick our our sources.
  3. Tojajin Reply
    The Crescendo CD Player comes from a deep research in which it was decided to implement technologies previously used only on Hi-End products. The challenge was undertaken with the additional requirement to maximize the value for money ratio and trying to get the best out of a project in itself simple and minimalist, but thanks to refined technical solutions allows to reach audio performance.
  4. Akinogal Reply
    May 26,  · A 's Eddie Murphy comedy routine will probably sound the same in either analog or digital format, but a jazz recording of Miles Davis may sound better in vinyl format - .
  5. Shakazahn Reply
    Feb 29,  · Analogue Productions was begun in as a reissue label by owner Chad Kassem. The label has reissued more than titles, ranging from classical to folk, pop, rock, blues and jazz. All of the reissues from this label are mastered from the original analog tapes. Another facet of Analogue Productions is its original recordings entity - APO.
  6. Molkree Reply
    The RCA CD of Respighi’s Pines of Rome opens with a wall of sound plastered along the frontal plane of the speakers. On the Analogue Productions SACD, the treble cacophony is bathed in a cushion of hall ambience that is far more realistic and less strident. This music does not sound shrill in the concert hall, and it doesn’t here.
  7. Kagasar Reply
    Feb 18,  · i own the audio analogue maestro amp and cd player i can concur with the obove said then bring in the detail transparency and shear musicality the best ss amp i have heard to date i have experiance with electrocomaniet pre and the power and feel they are good but they are not as real sounding as the aa maestro stuff, rapher more hifi.
  8. Kagashicage Reply
    Analogue audio association. likes. AAA - ELECTRO DEPARTMENT.