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  1. Kajijar Reply
    Stereotypes are simplistic and generalized ideas about a particular group of people. While stereotypes can be helpful for making quick decisions based on past experiences, they can also mislead us by thinking something is true about a person just because they belong to a certain group or look and act a certain way.
  2. Gudal Reply
    Sep 20,  · Stereotypes are often used to justify injustice and discrimination, validate oppression, enable exploitation, rationalize violence, and shield corrupt power structures.
  3. Malasar Reply
    National Animal Stereotypes: National Stereotypes and Animal Stereotypes combined. No Guy Wants to Be Chased; Orientalism: Western stereotypes about the Eastern world. Overly Stereotypical Disguise: Someone tries to pose as a member of a specific group, but relies too much on (often inaccurate) stereotypes.
  4. Mazugami Reply
    Stereotype -a depiction or description of something or someone in an over-simplified way. Stereotypes are descriptions that are believed by the public at large, but that might not be true. Stereotypes are most often applied to a group of people, or to .
  5. Jujora Reply
    Stereotypes of British people are found in several cultures. Some of these stereotypes are completely untrue, while others have some truth to them. Common stereotypes Politeness. Both historically and in the present day, the British have often been associated with good.
  6. Mikinos Reply
    Stereotypes are generalizations about a group of people whereby we attribute a defined set of characteristics to this group. These classifications can be positive or negative, such as when various nationalities are stereotyped as friendly or unfriendly. The purpose of stereotypes is to help us know how to interact with others.
  7. Faetilar Reply
    an idea that is used to describe a particular type of person or thing, or a person or thing thought to represent such an idea: All jobs can be made to fit stereotypes, but accountants are .
  8. Samurn Reply
    A stereotype is a preconceived notion, especially about a group of people. Many stereotypes are rooted in prejudice — so you should be wary of them. You have probably heard stereotypes: commonly held ideas or preconceptions about specific groups.
  9. Kagakora Reply
    Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em. Dude Perfect proudly presents: Stereotypes.