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    If you would prefer to speak directly to an Inspector General Hotline Investigator, please call the following: For all CNREURAFCENT issues, including Naples, Rota, Sigonella Souda Bay, Deveselu, Redzikowo and CLDJ: DSN: Commercial: (39) For all NSA Bahrain or ISA Air Base issues: DSN:
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    Sep 19,  · Administrative Assistant. The Inspector General, Senior Investigator, and both Investigators are certified by the National Association of Inspectors General. During the reporting period both Investigators successfully completed training and testing and have joined the Inspector General and Senior Investigator as Certified Fraud Examiners.
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    13 July, Morocco informed the Committee and the Panel that, as from 22 January, it had ceased operating air assets in support of the Government. In a letter dated 18 July, Egypt informed the Panel that it was contributing naval forces to secure navigation through the Bab al-Mandab strait. On 22 August, the President of Egypt.
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    Apr 26,  · By Thomas M. Ruyle, U.S. Army Inspector General Agency April 26, FORT BELVOIR, Virginia – The Army named three of its civilians as Army Inspector General Civilians of .
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    CDR Joseph W. Murphy (10 July ) CDR Patrick E. O'Rourke (14 January ) CDR Andrew A. King (22 May ) CDR Karl A. Van Deusen (13 December ) Probably Missing CO Here CDR Jeffrey T. Griffin (22 October ) CDR Jack Noel (September ) CDR .
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    Jun 17,  · This forum is for discussion of the Certified Master Inspector designation and the Master Inspector Certification Board. July 8, How much does it cost to be a maser inspector? 9: July 5, My reputation as an inspector is so good, I shouldn't have to .
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    A certified inspector is one that has been recognized and approved by authoritative and preferably nationally-recognized entities and agencies. This ensures that the construction inspection services you are relying on to ensure compliance with building codes is a certified inspector.
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    The Office of the Inspector General removed the text of this finding to comply with state and federal privacy laws.] July 24, 2 WSP 3 Grand Theft February 7, December 12, 10 NKSP 4 Parole Violation January 24, August 25, 7 DVI, CIM 5 Parole Violation June 3, October 14, 4 SQ.
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    The Certified Master Inspector® trademark was acquired by the Master Inspector Certification Board (MICB) through funding via private donation. Certified Master Inspector® is both a U.S. and Canadian registered trademark. While the MICB strives to promote excellence and professionalism in the inspection industry, the selection of an inspector.