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  1. Dujas Reply
    A scalar field is a field in which all points have a scalar value (having only magnitude). This is different from a vector field, where points have a vector value (having both magnitude and direction). Examples include temperature, pressure, humidity, and topographical maps. More formally, a mapping f such that $ \\mathbf{f}: \\mathbb{R}^n \\rarr \\mathbb{R} $ This multivariable calculus.
  2. Aralmaran Reply
    In math, a scalar is a number that measures some quantity, or counts the number of objects. Math Open Reference. Home Contact About Subject Index. Scalar. Scalars are numbers that are used to measure size, or how big or small something is. They represent the magnitude of a .
  3. Madal Reply
    Along with that field there is another field called scalar field, which is merely a single number let us call it D. So the simplified Electromagnetic Field theory consists of a three dimensional vector field (A,B,C) and a scalar field D.