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  1. Tut Reply
    This blog is first and foremost to remind the UG metal community my work on PANZERFAUST zine, so I'll try to exhume my old interviews and reviews from that zine. The zine is also an opportunity for me to share my thoughts on new releases, new bands I'll publish here new reviews or interviews I've written recently, just for the pleasure of doing so and getting these things out of my mind.
  2. Fezahn Reply
    Profanal - interview!!!!! I’ll make this introduction short, because what can I write one word is enough and it is PROFANAL!!!!! Fuck yeah, along with Horrid and Undead Creep, another masters of true and classic obscure death metal from Italia! I liked this band ever since I‘ve listened to their split 7”EP with Funeral Whore and that.
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