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  1. Kerg Reply
    1. Big One 2. The Accident 3. Splattered Brains 4. Mutilated Regurgitator 5. Fog 6. Teachers 7. Introtyl 8. Squeeze Anton 9. Christianity Means Tyranny: Album: ''If This Is Gore,What's Meat Then/Split With Riek Boois'' ( Split album) 1. Mutilated Regurgitator 2. The Accident 3. Threshold to Senility 4. Forced Pollutions 5. Consuming.
  2. Nejind Reply
    Tracks were recorded on 2nd, 9th and 23 November at Nightingale Studios in Antwerp, Belgium. Tracks are taken from the Agathocles/Riek Boois 7" EP, recorded at FNAFF Studios in Dessel, Belgium on 13th August
  3. Meztinos Reply
    AGATHOCLES/STOMACHAL CORROSION Split Cd (Grindmind Records - GRM)Release date: Running time: Agathocles "Live in Stavenhagen " Review: This Agathocles release is all live material from show, this set mostly contains fast grinding songs from the "Razor Sharp Daggers"/"Humarrogance" era, the sound is ok, pretty clear overall, but this is Agathocles recorded .
  4. Grolabar Reply
    Still, Agathocles has managed to cultivate a fairly large and dedicated fanbase of people who own at least a FEW of their seemingly endless stream of splits and the very, very occasional full-length. This is where most people are probably introduced to the band: their first full-length CD, 'Theatric Symbolisation Of Life'.
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    Faster faster faster faster Life passes by - in a very short time expectations of the nation - do the things they want you to. Faster faster faster faster Criminalisation of strange behaviour - put away or put in jail. the law of dominant behaviour - democracy's little saviour.
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    1) The paramecium is a single-celled eukaryotic organism; 2) The paramecium is a heterotroph, and eats smaller unicellular organisms in order to obtain energy and matter; 3) The cytoplasm contains dissolved enzymes that catalyze metabolic reactions such as digestion and synthesis of cellular structures; 4) The paramecium can control beating of cilia to move in different directions in response.
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    Mar 20,  · Theatric Symbolisation of Life es considerado el verdadero debut larga duración de Agathocles, aunque en realidad se trata de 9 temas inéditos por ese entonces (35 minutos en total) con una chorrera de temas que habían aparecido en demos y splits anteriores poco sinsnabirlalitisyrepbeferbankra.coinfo tracklist trackeado (cuac!) es el siguiente: tracks recorded 2nd, 9th and 23rd november - /5(5).
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    (CD)??? Agathocles (BEL) Traditional Rites split w/ Blood 19?? (Vinyl-7")??? Agathocles (BEL) If This is Cruel What's Vivisection Then 19?? (Dub-7") 8 tks Agathocles (BEL) Theatric Symbolisation of Life (Dub-LP) 29 tks Agent Steel (USA) Skeptics Apocalypse (Vinyl-LP)???
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    Belgium’s Agathocles are famed for having released more recorded material than the entire music industry throughout the history of recorded music combined. Their debut LP released in , ‘Theatric Symbolisation of Life’, was released after a string of sixty to seventy thousand EPs, singles, and splits.