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  1. Voodookus Reply
    Watch footage of last month's Late At Tate evening at the Tate Britain gallery in Millbank, London as part of their Altermodern exhibition.
  2. Faekinos Reply
    Mystery Sea is a thematic ltd cd series (previously a ltd cdr series from MS1 to MS68 + MS70 & MS71) devoted to release specific “commissioned” works where artists are invited to derive their inspiration from the following open suggestive ferments/words, as well as their own experience: MYSTERY SEA evokes the primordial element shrouded.
  3. Fegis Reply
    Nothing about Obex intimates an explicitly light-hearted release, an album geared towards ‘fun’. And yet amidst the dark, ponderous clanks and rumbles, something about Obex suggests an entertaining aspect, and also hints that this is art for the love of art over and above any grander narrative. Eamon Sprod John Grzinich Simon Whetham:
  4. Totaxe Reply
    Following the government decision to return to stricter precautions against infection by Covid, the City of Reykjavík emergency committee met today to discuss the increased need for precautions against infection within the City’s organisations, in accord with the response plan.
  5. Shaktile Reply
    SIMON WHETHAM & FRIENDS - MEDITATIONS ON LIGHT (CD by Monochrome Vision) MIXTURIZER - SIETE PATOLOGIAS (CD by R.O.N.F. Records) This very interesting album by German composer Sch¯en could well be the soundtrack for a 21 st century's edition of the Fritz Lang's legendary futuristic movie. Taking its starting point in the world of.
  6. Bahn Reply
    Release Your Ears. Alan Lockett: 'Obscured by Beams of Sorrow'.
  7. Gushura Reply
    Another album of twisted ambient melodies, field recordings and electro-acoustic compositions pulled together in Clutter's idiosyncratic trademark style. A journey from death, loss and grief to acceptance, love and joy - dedicated to Hazel and Janice. This item belongs to: audio/earthmonkey.
  8. Tebar Reply
    Earth Monkey favourite Cousin Silas follows up Ballard Landscapes - continuing with soundscapes inspired by the writing of J G Ballard ‘Listening to Ballard Landscapes while actually reading some dark Ballard sci-fi would be perfect just check out Abandonned Motorway and weep for humanities future’ undomondo Cousin Silas, born and bred in the Colne Valley, a (so I'm told) a beautiful part.
  9. Gonris Reply
    THE HATERS - IN THE SHADE OF FIRE (CD by Hanson Records) More celebrations: this year marks also the 30th year of existence for The Haters and somehow I thought G.X. Jupitter-Larsen is not the kind of guy to look back upon the past.